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Arnett Testimonials


About a year ago, we adopted a cat from a local shelter. Her name was Mika. She was a skinny little thing, maybe a little under-nourished, or so we thought. Her friendliness was matched only by her propensity to get in trouble.

Only a couple of weeks after her adoption, we noticed that she was becoming less and less interested in playing with our children. It was very late in the evening when we took her to see Dr. Koc. Despite the late hour, he took Mika to his clinic - Arnett Animal Hospital, (a vet clinic in Wheeling) because her condition was serious. He began treating her immediately and watched over her till early morning of the next day!

As Mika´s problems multiplied (she developed liver and bone marrow problems) Dr. Koc tirelessly treated her and never gave up. It turned out that it was too late for Mika. The damage to her bone marrow was just too great. But we got a chance to witness a true professional at work - Dr Koc for whom being a veterinarian is not just a job - it´s a calling.

Thank you Doctor Koc, for your dedication and caring.


Joanna and Dominik