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September: Wellness Screening Month

Would you like to ensure a longer and healthier life for your pet? The Wellness Screen is strongly recommended for early detection of problems.

A twice-yearly senior physical exam includes checking your pet's general appearance, temperature, body weight, heart, lungs, ears, eyes, teeth, thyroid glands and skin. During your pet's regular examinations, it's important that you report any health or behavior changes you've noticed since the last visit in order to identify signs of disease early so you and your veterinarian can work on slowing or stopping its progression. You are the best judge of subtle changes taking place, and you are the veterinarian's most valued resource of an accurate history profile.

  • Complete blood count and cell differential
    - This test helps in the diagnosis of cancer, infection, anemia and bleeding problems, and it provides insight into the status of your pet's immune system.
  • Serum chemistry profile
    - This test is used for assessing the function of the liver, kidneys, pancreas and other organs.
  • Complete urinalysis
    - A urine sample will be checked for evidence of infection and to assess kidney function.
  • Fecal analysis
    - A fecal sample will be checked for evidence of parasites, unusual bacteria and protozoa, and red and white blood cells.
  • Other tests
    - Additional testing will be recommended as needed. Radiography, echocardiographv, abdominal ultrasonography, ocular tonometry to measure eye pressure for glaucoma, thyroid and adrenal gland testing, blood pressure measurement, as well as liver, pancreas and small intestine function tests may be considered necessary.