Pet Food

Pets, like people, need a well balanced, consistent diet. They require high-quality food to live a long and healthy life. Don’t try to economize by buying bargain brands. These products typically lack nutrition value and while they save you money now, they compromise your pet’s health in the future. Junk food is good for no one!

Growing puppies require a high protein diet with the proper balance of vitamins and minerals. Most dogs take 8 to 12 months to reach adult size, while large breed dogs take 18 to 20 months. Too rapid a growth rate can cause serious bone and joint problems.

In Arnett Animal Hospital we offer your pets the best food they can get. We recommend brands like Hill’s Pet Nutrition.
These companies have a large lines of prescription food for cats and dogs with specific diseases. Prescription diet dry and canned food is only available through a vet or pet pharmacy. Prescription diet food replaces all other food until the disease is cleared or for the rest of the pet’s life if it is chronic.

Puppies younger than 4 months should be fed three to four times a day. Those 4 to 6 months, should be fed three times a day and those over 6 months, only twice a day. Don’t let their begging or pleading eyes make you feed them more than their daily requirement. Never just fill up a bowl and let them eat at their leisure. Obesity is a major health problem in dogs and it starts when they are puppies. Always measure their food as directed by the package or your veterinarian.