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Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy is a gentle, non-invasive treatment that has been used by humans for many years, and has found quite a following among professional athletes. Veterinary oxygen therapy involves introducing the pet to high levels of oxygen under pressure in a special chamber.

At normal atmospheric pressure, there is a limit to the amount of oxygen carried by red blood cells and only a tiny amount of oxygen is dissolved in the plasma. Increasing the amount of air breathed cannot significantly improve oxygen delivery to the body by way of hemoglobin, even if you breathe pure oxygen. However, with increased pressure, the oxygen level in blood plasma increases, with higher delivery to all body tissues. Under these conditions, oxygen is physically dissolved in the plasma, even in the veins. The dissolved oxygen is more readily utilized by the body than the oxygen carried by red blood cells. The oxygen is forced into the blood and body fluids, making its way to any damaged areas of the body than canít be reached by normal blood circulation or areas where vessels have been hindered by injury or infection.