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February: Dental Care Month

With major advances in treating serious infectious and other pet diseases, oral disease Ė most importantly periodontal or gum disease caused by the buildup of plaque and tartar- has become the number-one health problem for both dogs and cats. Itís estimated that without proper dental care 80 % of fogs and 70 % of cats will show signs of oral disease by age three. With your help, your pets can have healthy teeth and gums throughout their lives. You simply need to provide them with a few things:

  • A nutritious diet
    Feeding your cat or dog a dry food rather than a moist, canned one, will help remove the bacterial plaque that can harden into tartar. Dry food also provides adequate chewing exercise and gum stimulation. Sweets and table scraps may also increase plaque and tartar formation.

  • Chew treats recommended by a veterinarian
    Treats (including hard meat-protein biscuits and some rawhide chews for dogs) can help remove plaque, and provide stimulation for the gums.

  • Regular brushing at home
    Dogs and cats need it in order to eliminate the dental plaque that can cause tooth decay and the formation of tartar, which can lead to gum disease. You should begin a regular, daily brushing routine as soon as you bring your new kitten/ puppy home. Even older dogs or cats can be trained to accept having their teeth brushed. you simply need to introduce the activity gradually and make the experience a positive one for your pet.

  • Yearly dental checkups by veterinarian
    To provide dental optimum dental care at home, you need to start with a clean bill of dental health. Veterinarian will give your pet a thorough examination of the entire oral cavity to determine whether there are any underlying problems and tartar buildup. Tartar canít be removed by brushing, so if your petís teeth do have tartar, your veterinarian will have to remove it with a professional cleaning and polishing, usually accomplished under anesthesia.

We devote our efforts to getting your pets on a regular routine of dental care and during the month of February, we apply a DENTAL DISCOUNT to all fully paid, complete dental appointments.