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December: Pet Examination Month

As a result of advances in veterinary medicine, more knowledgeable care and improved nutrition, dogs and cats are now living longer, healthier lives. But, just as for humans, the passage of time has its effects, and you may begin to notice that your once-frisky pet seems to have slowed down a bit. Being aware of the natural changes that can occur as your pet reaches his or her golden years, as well as what you can do to help keep your pet as healthy, active and comfortable as possible, can ensure that you both enjoy this final stage in a life to the fullest. A regular checkup at the veterinarianís become more important than ever. At this stage of your petís life, it is recommended that he or she receive a thorough examination every 6 months. Besides the usual complete physical examination, your veterinarian may conduct a urine and fecal analysis and bloodwork. You should also tell veterinarian about any noticeable changes in behavior or condition. Working together we can ensure that your petís senior years will be healthy and happy ones.