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August: Cat Declaw Month

Scratching just comes naturally to cats. An instinctive activity begins when kittens are about 5 weeks old. However, what’s entirely normal for your cat can become a big problem for you if he starts scratching your carpets and furniture. The easiest solution is to provide kitty with a special scratching place, usually a post, of his own. As befits the feline reputation, you may find that your kitten or cat may be slightly picky about what kind of scratching post he or she will agree to use. But unfortunately, sometimes scratching posts can be not enough.

Declawing is a common surgical procedure done under anesthesia and if done correctly; there will not be any lasting effects. Contrary to some opinions, declawing is not likely to drastically change his behavior or personality, nor does it necessarily predispose him to future behavioral problems. It creates a more rewarding experience between cat and owner because you don't have to scold kitty all the time for clawing inappropriately.

Some times it is just convenience, living in a small apartment and space can't be wasted on a big scratching post. Many times it is a requirement, such as some apartments or family health issues. Busy schedule and the only time available would rather be spent playing and giving attention to the cat rather than training him.

You can find thousands of websites with anti-declaw opinions that declawing is just cruel, bloody and inhumane. The choice for the owner then becomes either to declaw or give up a cherished beloved pet, so it is pretty obvious here what the most humane choice would be.